[WWI] Flyboys

Christopher Malany cmm-saj at snet.net
Sat Apr 7 13:13:07 EDT 2007

Hi, Ernest:

I downloaded a handful of stills off their site, and
they certainly look authentic, including a gorgeous
varnished plywood Albatros fuselage.  As for the
Baron's developing peacenik tendencies, I doubt that
any of his numerous RFC victims, after the Fee gunner
inflicted his head wound, would have agreed.

- Chris Malany 

--- ernest thomas <reason108 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> >From: "Ray Boorman" >
> >Isnt there a movie being made in Germany about
> Richtofen??
> YEs there is. Don't have the link but there's a
> pretty good website 
> documenting a lot of the production. The story,
> involving MvR beginning to 
> have doubts about the war after his head injury, is
> a bit far fetched since 
> there's no evidence that he started to have peacnik
> sensibilities. At least 
> none that I'm aware of.
> BUt the aircraft they built for the film should
> thrill everyone in this 
> group. I think the site boasted 114 aircraft
> comprising real flying 
> replicas, 1/1 static models, and CG models. All wear
> authentic, well 
> researched markings and colors. And none of them
> look alike.
> E.
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