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RE: the Richtofen movie being made in Germany.
Now, if someone could only reproduce the rotary engines of the era that 
actually work and can propell the replica planes. And if they could use the 
real sound of the planes of that era, especially the intermittent blipping 
of the engines.
Or am I asking for too much?
As to the plot lines, the Germans have a problem with their own past, as we 
all know. How do they tell their children not only how evil Hitler and his 
crew were, but how all the people could serve him so well. So they have 
inherent problems with movies of all wars in which they were involved.
Especially in today's atmosphere of universal do-gooderism and enlightened 
Also I am sure that Germany has their own "Hollywood" types of hack 
producers, directors and writers who make movies.
I'm just gonna sit back and hope for the best with this Richtoften movie.
If nothing else, I can rent the DVD, simply turn the sound off and enjoy the 
aeroplanes. In fact, that's what I am doing right now with The Flyboys. Fast 
forward through all the talking and the love scenes and just view the 
But I must admit I liked the love scenes in The Flyboys for reminding me how 
naive and innocent I was when I was young and in love for the first time. 
No, I never met any girls as  innocent and naive as the girl in The 
Flyboys - people like her exist in one's imagination, which is the charm of 
the fantasy created in movies.

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> >From: "Ray Boorman" >
>>Isnt there a movie being made in Germany about Richtofen??
> YEs there is. Don't have the link but there's a pretty good website 
> documenting a lot of the production. The story, involving MvR beginning to 
> have doubts about the war after his head injury, is a bit far fetched 
> since there's no evidence that he started to have peacnik sensibilities. 
> At least none that I'm aware of.
> BUt the aircraft they built for the film should thrill everyone in this 
> group. I think the site boasted 114 aircraft comprising real flying 
> replicas, 1/1 static models, and CG models. All wear authentic, well 
> researched markings and colors. And none of them look alike.
> E.
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