[WWI] Flyboys

Knut Erik Hagen knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no
Sat Apr 7 07:39:18 EDT 2007


The movie never made it to cinemas in Norway and I have only seen
an "unofficial" copy of it - I am not sure if it is in the video stores here.

There were enough colourful characters among the volunters for more 
than one movie, I do not think any of the ones in the movie were to far out.

So they had a good idea, decent Nieuport replicas / CGI effects and actors
-still they did not make it into a good movie.

To me the major problem with the movie was lack of continuity, just like
they made the movie by condensing together episodes from a TV series.
Maybe they should have concentrated on one of the main characters,
for instance Eugene Bullard - his story is worth telling.

The best result of the movie is that Eduard brought us a top rate Nieuport...

Knut Erik

>I read so many of your posts about the film "The Flyboys" that I had to rent 
>What did I think of it?
>Well, It was pertty so-so, even kind of boring at times until the last big 
>battle at the end of the film and then they ruined the whole thing.
>Talk about a hokey ending!
>Its like they had an average writer who had just finished a high school 
>course in creative writing do the film, using all the tricks he learned 
>reading a book on making Hollywood type films. Then they went Hollywood and 
>brought in a drunken old hack to butcher it at the ending.
>It was almost as bad as the last film make of Pearl Harbor - but nothing 
>could be that bad!
>It appears that Hollywood thinks special effects can compensate for really 
>bad writing.
>The last good WW1 aviation film I saw was "Wings" and that was made how many 
>years ago? Seventy five?
>I'm surprised the film lasted three days in Canada.
>Pretty aeroplanes, though.

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