[WWI] Membership Losses in OTF

mikemuth at ptd.net mikemuth at ptd.net
Fri Apr 6 19:07:19 EDT 2007

Sorry I won't be able to be there. I made 5-6 of the conventions, but missed
the last one due to childbirth. I was expecting this one to be in the Fall,
like the last few and was surprised to find it in May. Can't make it that
weekend, although I wish I could. They have always been great . I hope they
can solve whatever the problem is with the journal.
Mike Muth
"J. Michael Vice" <jmikl at cmc.net> said:

> I'm going to the OTF conference in Washington in May and I plan to complain
(loudly) at the delays in dispatch of the Journal.  Since receiving the last
issue (June, 2006) I've received three C&C-I's.  It's my understanding that
some of you have discontinued membership.  If that is so, I'd like to take
some info to Washington, viz., how many of our group have quit in recent
years.  Could you reply OFFLINE to the following options?
>     1.  I quit because of the priciness of the Journal.
>     2.  I quit because of the inconsistency of publication.
>     3.  Both.
>     Thanks.  I'll take this info to Washington and also forward it to Jim
Streckfuss, et al., for their comments...
>                                                                     --Mike


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