[WWI] Anyone planning on US IPMS region 6 next month?

John Huggins huggins1 at swbell.net
Fri Apr 6 17:53:27 EDT 2007

At the moment, I will be attending this year.  My plans are to be  
just a person attending, and not working, but that may change.

As some of you know, I was having some back problems while in KC for  
the Nationals last year.  The results were that the previous surgery  
had failed and that there were new issues arising as a result. The  
worst was that the bones did not fuse which left the spine in a  
constant moving condition,  One of teh screws holding the rods in  
place broke a year ago January.  The second one broke early this  
February.  That was when I yelled Uncle and started the process for  
corrective surgery.  I went in the hospital on March 30 at 7am for  
what was to be a routine 8 hour procedure to remove the old stuff,  
clean up the area and install the new rods.

That is where routine stopped.  The procedure tool almost 11 hours,  
but was a success (for now).  I Due to the length of time being  
asleep and on my stomach, I got to spend a couple of days in ICU  
getting things back up and running.  I went to the general surgery  
ward around noon on Monday, and started the recovery process.  I was  
released today at noon and am home foe at least 8 weeks.

So far, everything is healing much faster than the original surgery.   
The first time, I didn't even get out of bed for 4 days and was still  
needing help to turn in bed or get up.  Walks were no more than about  
800 feet and only twice a day at best. This time round, I was up  
after 6 hours and sitting in a chair.  Turning on my own and other  
that having problems with some of the internal plumbing not wanting  
to wake up properly, should have been on the ward Saturday morning.   
I have been up and walking around the ward all week with no  
problems.  I am getting ready to go walk around the block now.

Any one who will be in Dallas for the R6 event, let me know and we  
will definitely have to have a list meeting.  If any one is up for  
it, we could possibly have a nice dinned meeting at one of the local  

Let me know.


On Apr 2, 2007, at 9:30 AM, <dr-i.417.17 at cox.net> <dr-i. 
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> The Mrs and I thought we'd drop down from OKC and represent the  
> List and GWICC.
> MrT

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