[WWI] Testing, testing...TAP, TAP, Is this thing on??

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 6 13:44:25 EDT 2007

>From: <dr-i.417.17 at cox.net>
>Couple of days ago I asked if anyone was planning to attend US IPMS Region 
>6 in Dallas on May 26th.
>Not one hint of an answer...

Sorry. Was asleep at the switch. I'm sure the local chapter wil be attending 
so at the very least I should have a ride if I don't feel like driving 
myself. ANd since I presumably will have an OT model finished for the Mobile 
show on 4-14, I see no reason why I shouldn't bring it to Dallas. So put me 
down as probably.

>And can we get together for a list minimeeting if you are?

Yes, by all means. If two listeroos are within an hour of each other, I 
think a meeting should take place.


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