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>>That last D.VII was such a bore I've decided to build USN jets from the 
>>all grey era for a pick me up.
>When can we expect to see the results of that?

Never.  You may have noticed that I don't send pics in any more - for maybe 
the last 2 years

>intuition says that this product has and will sell well, for a number of 
>(i) It's inexpensive - I paid US$10, which is excellent for such a nice 

But would you willingly pay US$25  ?

>(ii) It's a high quality product and the subject is fairly well-known among 
>even non-WWI specialists.

Newsflash!  I think the number that ever heard of a Nie17, or any other WW1 
aircraft not flown by MvR or Snoopy is grossly exagerated by we enthusiasts. 
  And *no-one* outside the strongest aviation enthusiast - or the few WW1 
specialists - has ever heard of the Lafayette.

And they aren't interested either. Tell me how I should explain to an 
Australian why the Lafayette is orth a movie, much less a plastic model kit 
with bogus markings.

>>And I certainly wouldn't buy one with bogus markings, in *any* scale.
>Bogus!?. They are a faithful reprodution of the film, not bogus.

Bogus. The film flopped, they don't exist in the memory, just the 
imagination of the "artists" who invented them. How can I convince an 
Australian modeller to build a model which represents a CGI which he's never 
even seen, from a film about a subject he's never heard of at all?

>If you ask me though, that man has far too much time and too many fingers!

On this I agree entirely. He should bend his effort towards a long series of 
really good looking subjects, like RE-8's


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