[WWI] Flyboys

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 5 04:41:51 EDT 2007


>What will be even better is when Shane is contracted to build them for
>some client!!  The 1/72nd ones, that is. ;-)

I doubt this on so many levels.

1. I'm never building another model for anyone else again, ever. That last 
D.VII was such a bore I've decided to build USN jets from the all grey era 
for a pick me up.

2. The Flyboys boxing is *not* flying off the shelves here. AFAIK from 
looking in the two main model shops in Brisbane, no-one has bought one. This 
includes me, because as much as I agitated for a new Nieuport in 1/72 for my 
friends (and coincidentally, for you as well) I really don't want one 
myself. And I certainly wouldn't buy one with bogus markings, in *any* 

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