[WWI] Paris/DFW B.1

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     I will check my references again as to which museum in Paris it is in.  The DFW B.1 is an early war aircraft as you know.  It is the one that has wings that are "banana shaped" as to the swept curvature.  Anyway I appreciate what ever you can do while you are there in Paris.

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> Subject: [WWI] Paris/DFW B.1
> For Buz 
>    I have checked my photos from Paris when I was there in June06 and at that time there was not a DFW B1 there. Is this a new plane at the museum? The only DFW I know of is at Krakow, a C1 there is also a B1 at Prague but it is a Aero built Hansa B1. Let me know right away about this aircraft.
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