[WWI] those misterious French kits

Allan Wright aew at unh.edu
Wed Apr 4 10:34:58 EDT 2007

I've recently been putting my outdated kits on Ebay in lots of 3-5 kits
for low prices. I need the closet space!

If I'm going to build these days, it's going to be a modern kit.

This truely is the golden age of WWI modeling 


On Wed, 2007-04-04 at 13:39 +0200, Crawford Neil wrote:
> Chris:
> >Hello, Neil:
> >In the alternative, could I suggest an Eduard or Roden
> >kit and a good merlot?  As owner of a large heap of
> >Frog kits, I feel some things should be left in the
> >attic. <VBG!>
> Merlot! yummy. The boom of plastic modelling has left my
> attic collection in a sorry state. I used to see it as
> a sort of pension insurance, but compared with todays 
> state of the art kits, it's all rather sad, even sordid.
> I don't predict any of my old Frogs/Airfixes etc to 
> become anything more than just so much loft insulation.
> /Neil

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