[WWI] those misterious French kits

Carlos Carreira cacarr1960 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 06:54:18 EDT 2007

I have three kits by Dermatt - the same Fiat CR42, and also a Nieuport 17 in
1/72 and a R.E.8 in 1/96(?). The first came with a card of Grap wine, the
others were issued under the Salador brand. You may take a look here:

The Nieuport compares well in dimentions with the Revell one.


On 4/3/07, Diego Fernetti <dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar> wrote:
> http://ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2007/03/stuf_eng_jaa_aro_dermatt.htm
> A Spad VII kit by "Plastiques Dermatt", a brand mentioned from time to
> time
> in WW1 kit listings. I wondered how those kits may have looked like
> (purportedly, those were given as a gift with "Grap" beverage)
> They look like crude Airfix but smaller!
> D.

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