[WWI] those misterious French kits

Paul Thompson flutes at xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 4 03:34:46 EDT 2007

>PS. Note this is a trick question, and I expect will cause
you a lot of grief trying to measure it, thus saving it from
being built.<

Neil, for your eddification:

Struts are 1/24th, I think. Fuselage is 1/4077th, and the wings are 1/96th. 
Or possibly 1/97th. I can live with that.

>please send me an advance
warning, so I can invest in the entire remaining world stock.<

If you listen carefully, you'll here a sighing, scrapy sound. This is your 
warning being advanced. Now I'm off to buy some pre-shaded tyres and a 
packet of spirit-level bubbles.


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