[WWI] those misterious French kits

Paul Thompson flutes at xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 4 03:03:11 EDT 2007

>I have an Albatross. Crude Airfix but smaller, is a good description.
Is it valuable? Should I go up to the attic and try and find it?
Haven't seen it for years!
/Neil C.

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A Spad VII kit by "Plastiques Dermatt", a brand mentioned from time to
in WW1 kit listings. I wondered how those kits may have looked like
(purportedly, those were given as a gift with "Grap" beverage)
They look like crude Airfix but smaller!

Nico gave me a Bristol Fighter   by Grap. The beverage was apparantly an 
awful wine. You needed a couple hundred bottles to qualify for one of the 12 

Nicely enough, 'grap' is Dutch for joke.

Paul T. 

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