[WWI] Junkers J1/toby

toby young doxe_4downs at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 3 13:07:20 EDT 2007

I did the lone star J1 and the kit is a mess.
     The white metal wheels, engine, wheel struts, gun ring and other metal parts are too big. 
      The vac fuselage is to short and narrow The struts are a little wide but will work. The wings are a little short but can be used if you wish.
     The early tail is off a bit but can be used too. I made the pre production model, it is not complete yet, but is on the web site, (pictures are not my best) 
    I used the wings, tail, struts and the PE parts( very good but the numbers do not ID all the parts), The rest went into the dust bin.

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