[WWI] Decal storage/ was My ot request

Allan Wright aew at unh.edu
Tue Apr 3 10:03:55 EDT 2007

I use 3-ring binders with vinyl pouches as pages. 

On Tue, 2007-04-03 at 13:49 +0000, Michael Kendix wrote:
> >From: "Crawford Neil" <Neil.Crawford at volvo.com>
> >Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2007 14:03:16 +0200
> >Arsenal fill my criteria for a good team,
> Blaggard! That's it! Watford's on their way to the Conference!:)
> >In the old days a classic way of doing tiny texts, was to do a white line,
> >and then scratch away irreguarly. Today I would do like you, and look 
> >through
> >my decal bank till I found something similar. My decals live in an old shoe 
> >box
> >quite full, except for Americals that are in a special place.
> >So how do you all store your decals?
> At one point, they were all in this larger concertina folder but that became 
> too unwieldy. Now they're in separate concertina folders, sorted by type - 
> Lozenge , RFC, German & AH, etc.
> I really regret not being able to obtain the German night-bomber lozenge 
> decals that can be used for the Staaken kit - I wonder if there are any 
> other schemes? Must look at the Datafile.
> Michael
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