[WWI] My ot request

Crawford Neil Neil.Crawford at volvo.com
Tue Apr 3 08:03:16 EDT 2007


>Proximity breeds contempt, with proximity not only defined geographically 
>but also with regard to status. Thus, even though Arsenal are no further 
>from Watford than Luton Town, Arsenal would never see themselves as rivals 
>to Watford. 

Very true, I've even heard that Arsenal supporters find their way to
Vicarage road, when they have nothing better to do, and vice-versa. 
Arsenal fill my criteria for a good team, they have a Swedish player.

>Anyhow, the Phönix C.I is almost ready for its rigging. It needs an oil wash 
>preceded by a coat of clear flat. I have also manufactured my own data table 
>for the front fuselage.  Since I didn't know what went under the "Ph CI - 
>H.230' and "121.11", I put in what letters and numbers I could make out from 
>the photos. However, these are in 1.5 font so they cannot be read in any 

In the old days a classic way of doing tiny texts, was to do a white line,
and then scratch away irreguarly. Today I would do like you, and look through 
my decal bank till I found something similar. My decals live in an old shoe box
quite full, except for Americals that are in a special place.
So how do you all store your decals?

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