[WWI] Fokker Steel Tube Colors?

Andy Bannister a.bann at ntlworld.com
Mon Apr 2 12:35:01 EDT 2007


> Their collection reflects general interest but builds are of 
> a high quality 
> and there's loads of them. The discussion forum also seems 
> fairly civil.
I suppose so. I got turned off their discussion board a few years ago when I
happened to mention that a certain ot kit wasn't too bad with a few
corrections. I was immediately pounced upon by a couple of extremely
pedantic bastards who told me in no uncertain terms it was a terrible kit
and I was insulting their intelligence by even mentioning it. I decided life
was too short and I had way too many unbuilt kits awaiting me to waste my
time arguing about microscopic inaccuracies with those idiots.

> They have about 7 Albatros builds - of course, not much too 
> esoteric in the 
> way of WW1.  Also, Brett Green seems like a decent bloke. A 
> couple of our 
> club members met up with him on a holiday in Australia. 

I saw Mr. Green wandering about the last Nats in Telford. I'm sure he is a
very decent bloke and he certainly has his work cut out for him updating
Hyperscale on a daily basis, but as I'm not the biggest fan of nazi subjects
I didn't feel I have much to speak to him about so I didn't. Plus I find his
slightly condescending reviews (probably unintentional, giving him the
benefit of the doubt) of 72nd scale subjects mildly annoying!

> my club friend 
> Floyd Werner, Jnr. is B*-1*9 crazy but he builds the odd 
> biplane: hey, at 
> least he builds, which is more than can be said for 90% of our club's 
> members!
> So, how are  Saturday nights down at Altrincham ice-rink 
> watching hockey:)? 
> I used to go skating there once a week when I was in college:).

Altrincham is a long way from Horwich Michael! 'T other side of Manchester,
and I don't even go there unless I have to - horrible place! Having said
that, I did go watch the Manchester Storm hockey team on more than one
occasion when I lived in Manchester, before they folded that is. Haven't
seen them since they were re-born as the Phoenix.


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