[WWI] Vallejo Model Color curdling issues

Ray Boorman fokkereiv at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 10:17:07 EDT 2007

I just had a really weird effect from using Model Color. I got all set
to airbrush a few coats of grey on the model I'm building. I mixed in
Model color and windex with a few drops of future. The Future
strengthens the finish (Thanks Matt), however as fast as I could mix
the paint is kept separating/curdling. Drops of brown and other colors
in the paint. Definitely not grey..

I thought this was me just not stirring long enough. I finally got it
nicely mixed and started airbrushing and brown as well as pale grey
was coming out. I finally gave up. But just to see if the Future or
windex was causing issues. I mixed up identical amounts of paint with
water, windex and windshield washer fluid. within seconds all were
separating into browns and greys. This was without adding Future.

It was a brand new bottle of paint too? Has anyone else had this
problem. Come to think of it I've had this happen occasionally before
with Model color but since i was brush painting a figure i just kept
swishing the paint around to keep it mixed. Not something you can do
with an airbrush.


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