[WWI] Fokker Steel Tube Colors?

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 2 04:35:30 EDT 2007

Chris says:

>Common thinking is as Dave said, a greyish green that RLM02 is supposed to 
>be based on.

Yes, and it's all entirely bollocks.

You will *NOT* find any reference to that theory prior to my *jokingly* 
suggesting it in this forum about 10 years ago.  (it's still in the archive 
if you want to search it out)

Because it was as good a guess as any - since they were all guesses! - some 
listees decided to use a paint that they already had in their stocks.  One 
was Tom C. who writes a great many reviews on websites, and who adopted the 
RLM02 theory as fact, then publicised it.

>From that point onwards the wild ass guess became received wisdom. I bet an 
internet search will show dozens of people recommending it as fact - but I 
also bet that not one of them will have any real facts to back them up, just 
circular references leading back and back - to here.

It's worth looking at the photos of restored/conserved  D.VII's held by 
reputable museums. Naturally, being professional, they have no idea at all, 
and have painted the struts all sorts of colours, but *not* RLM02

One good thing about it though - there's still nothing in the way of 
incontrivertable proof so RLM 02 may well be just the ticket!

I just don't like to think that it's so easy to sidetrack people from 
actually *looking* for evidence, and that it's my fault.

(Actually, it gets worse. Ask on Hyperscale what colour the struts and other 
metal parts on an Albatros were painted and I bet you get the same answer)

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