[WWI] ot Request of our UK members

Crawford Neil Neil.Crawford at volvo.com
Mon Apr 2 03:57:16 EDT 2007

>Vicarage Road is the home of Watford football club - a team who've
taken a 
>very temporary place in England's top division and are about to return
>whence they came, forthwith!

Well shit happens. But at least we're in the cup semi-finals.

> Aside from Elton John, they have but one fan 
>and he lives in Sweden.

Not to mention the 19791 others at Vicarage rd. the other day.
I didn't get the joke either, presumably the cat was a Watford supporter
and disappointed that it was only Man U (and without Henrik Larsson),
would have preferred Barcelona or Inter?
Nb. Very slowly a Spad 13
Nr. Wings by Henri Briard, a most interesting book, he was Supermarines
test pilot and
won the Schneider tropy in 1922. Also active in WW1, one victory and
bombed a submarine
flying what looks like a Short 184. He learnt to fly in 1910 by standing
in for another aviator who didnt turn up, just took off on his own, with
no instruction, and managed a landing of sorts. Amazing stuff!

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