[WWI] April IM is online

Bob Pearson bpearson at citytel.net
Sun Apr 1 20:58:31 EDT 2007

There were at least two Dr.Is that he had painted black at the same time -
450/17 and 470/17. The former was the familar one that was all marked up,
while the latter was the 'backup' and had white crosses. Current thought now
has 450/17 being repainted with the thin crosses at a later date. Its been a
month since I did it, so I'd have to reread the various notes to get it back
in mind as to the sequence.


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> and ends with some Dr.Is

Interested in your caption to the 450/17 one - so the all black DR1 with the
white crosses wasn't 'an alternative' one after all?


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