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Hi Dave,

thanks for the welcome.

The undersurface was blue. While we were working on the book, I had volumes
of emails from Alan Toelle describing the colours as well as reasoning for
them. Unfortunately, none of the reasoning made it into the volume.

Basically there was three phases to Nieuport colours. ... plain, camouflaged
and then aluminum. The very first Ni11/16s in camo may have been CDL on the
bottom, but the majority were blue, while the first N17s were camouflaged
prior to the introduction of the aluminum finish.

The strut colour is a turquoise blue as seen on the Caudron at Garber and
various other original French aircraft.

There is talk about an article at WIndsock on this coming sometime in the


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Hi Bob,
Welcome back to the list!  Hope it's not just an April fools trick!
Now maybe you can tell us about the colors you used to do Nungesser's N.1490
in the Windsock Lafayette Flyers book.  I'm still partial to the aluminum
undersurfaces, mainly because I already painted my model that way!
Take care,
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I'd take the FMP book over anything else, but hey, I'm biased  :-)


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