[WWI] Additional assistance request on my France trip

Knut Erik Hagen knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no
Sun Apr 1 10:20:39 EDT 2007


Are you familiar with the books by O`Connor on Airfields and Airmen?

Knut Erik

>First, thanks to all those who provided suggestions and directions for my
>trip to France in May.  Basically I (and a buddy from Chicago) will be
>roaming around France for a week.  With our wives' blessings!!!  Both of us
>are history buffs and WWI nuts.  Here is what we have planned.
>1. Le Bourget Air Museum (many many thanks for the info on that)
>2. 3 days in Normandy (D-Day areas - my first cousin was KIA at St.-Lo)
>3. 2 days based in Arras to see the Somme sights
>4. 1 1/2 days around Verdun (my grand-dad fought at Montfaucon with the US
>5. Can't do Paris - next time
>Here are my questions and where I need assistance
>1. I am planning on visiting Murvaux to see where Frank Luke went in.  Is
>his crash site accessible and/or marked?  Anything extra I should know about
>2. Is the site marked where Richthofen crashed?
>3. I know where Albert Ball's grave is.  Anything on Mannock and McCudden?
>4. Any other suggestions?
>Thanks in advance.  Excited?  What do you think.

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