[WWI] Fokker Steel Tube Colors?

Tom Mason tom.mason at charter.net
Sun Apr 1 01:19:30 EDT 2007

One of the Fokker D. VII's in a museum, don't remember which museum, an 
original not a repro in color photos  showing tubular framing looks  like 
RLM 02.

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> Common thinking is as Dave said, a greyish green that RLM02 is supposed to 
> be based on.
> Chris
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>>Quoting Tom Ruprecht <ruprecht at charter.net>:
>> > Probably a dumb question, but if so, will be answered quickly and
>> >
>> > What color(s) did Fokker paint the steel tube fuselage framework,
>> > visible in the engine and cockpit areas?  I have Anthologies 1-3, and
>> > it is escaping me.  Should be in there somewhere :-\  I'm thinking of
>> > D. VIIs to extrapolate to my V-23.
>> >
>>A pale greyish green IIRC (Cue RLM02 theories!)
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