[WWI] german flying boats colors

Michael Arlt mia at agenturk13.de
Wed Apr 5 02:10:04 EDT 2006

am 03.04.2006 20:35 Uhr schrieb Carlos Carreira unter
carlos.carreira at netcabo.pt:

> Michael,
> I am convinced that the wings of the Rs.II were just covered with doped
> fabric. In "the german giants" p. 102 (in my edition) is described the
> wing structure, with "aluminium ribs spaced fairly wide apart". May be
> this implies a thicker fabric? Apart from that, in my opinion none of
> the photos in the book is taken in a very clear day with the sun behind.
> Other aircraft that were clear doped, such as the VGO. I or the RML. I,
> also don't show any transparency.
> Cheers, Carlos

the more i think about it the more i am convinced that carlos' thicker
fabric theory is right.
regarding the strong personal connections between dornier and zeppelin
workshops and their use of similar construction methods: may it be possible
the dornier boats of seemoos used the same fabric as the zeppelins next door
in friedrichshafen?
under which circumstances does clear doped linen appear darker than a grey
painted alu surface on photographs?


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