[WWI] A modest proposal pt. 2

tracy hancock atlporkchop at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 31 22:29:25 EDT 2005

hi all,
I'm not sure how relevant this is to the idea of
another web resource, but after seeing what Doc Tom,
Sanjeev and Karen can do at the Nats (not to mention
Lance, Robert Karr and all of the other great talents
on this site), I wondered if some documentation of
scratchbuilding techniques might not be a
consideration? The Doc had an amazing engine that he
had cast at the Nats, but what I was as fascinated by
was how he produced it, from the technique to the
materials. The beauty of scratchbuilding is problem
solving and innovation, not lacking with the talent on
this list, but there are numerous solutions to every
Another website, based on the techniques of WW1
modeling scratchbuilders might be something that could
stand alone pretty well.
Everything from various techniques to represent
natural wood finishes and natural metal cowlings to
how to fabricate and cast your own parts (and the set
up needed to do so) would make interesting reading. 
Just a thought (I have them from time to time).
cheers, tracy

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