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John Ratzenberger JohnRatzenberger at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 31 20:06:46 EDT 2005

There is a chapter (27 pgs, 50-60 photos) on 'Dominion Troops' and a 
smattering of photos elsewhere.
The discussion of uniform & equippage differences is not exhaustive, more 
The book is 98% Western Front and 'Home Front' (for many early & 
staged/posed photos), so Middle East, etc, are pretty much left out.


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From: "Warren Dickinson" <wed317 at onlineky.com>

     Yeah, 95% is about a/c, but I really do enjoy when someone posts
some figures, armor, or ships.
     I have only one book by this publisher (ot a/c subject) and am
extremely pleased with it.  This one sounds like a great addition to the
library of anyone who has an interest in the British aArmy of this
period.  Tell me, does it go into the differences in uniforming and
equipage of say the CEF vs. BEF, or the ANZACS vs. the previous two?


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