[WWI] A modest proposal

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 30 17:49:11 EDT 2005

Hi Joel

>recently I have had the idea that there are a lot of you out there with 
>great ideas, great models >and great model photos that could be put into a 
>website journal (in association with Cross and >Cockade International) 
>format in which all  that knowledge and insight could be available to a 
>huge >audience. What think ye?
>This would not be in anyway be in competition with say WWI Models or 
>Internet Modeler. It >would be a dedicated journal to World War One 

Not intentionally maybe, but it would have the ame effect. Take this site 
and "the Aerodrome" for example. There's a group of people who look at both 
sites, and a much smaller group who post in both places. My impression is 
that very very few people post heavilly on both sites - having tried myself 
briefly I found it difficult to keep up with threads n both sites and now 
only dip into "theaerodrome" when this site is dead quiet and I'm desperate 
for some WW1 reading.

When I *do* go there I see people posting who used to be members here (and 
the reverse applies) so inadvertently the two existing sites *do* compete 
for members. As a very long term member of this site community I grieve 
every time a listee leaves us for the greener pastures of the opposite side 
ofthe internet, so I see that as a negative

Which is not to say that a third site wouldn't add something new and usefull 
as a positive. However I'm a little at a loss to know just what that would 
be that isn't already available. I suspect that whatever new articles you 
recieve would be at the expense of other sites (well you *are* asking here!) 
or would merely be duplicated at multiple sites including yours. And of 
course, there IS always *you* back doing everything yourself again.

At the moment I'm inclined to reserve judgement on the idea, until I see a 
bit more information on what the WW1 modelling community will gain without 
you burning yourself up spectacularly trying to generate enough content.


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