RE[WWI] PanaVise

Phillip Rayner dauphinxox at
Sat Jul 30 16:01:16 EDT 2005

             You ask: Has anybody experience with the Panavise Jr (model 
201).  I intend to use it for
model building - holding parts while I sand them, etc.

I'm not sure whether you plan on using this as your only vise or whether you 
already have the 301 or equivalent and are thinking of adding something 
The 301 is a lot more solid than its smaller counterpart, has a much larger 
capacity, and can handle small parts if properly prepared. I have the 301 
base with the 376 jaws ( a poor man's version of the 350 combo) and have 
used it for everything for about eight years. I can't remember ever having 
had neoprine pads for mine; occasionally, I clean off the jaws and glue on a 
small slab of styro over each jaw face, and that works very well.
In any event, before deciding on the 201, look at the various heads 
available for the 301; the variety is much greater than for the former. 
Besides, it's a much more MANLY vise.


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