[WWI] Sablatnig/DH 2

john isn't eddie anymore druvnik at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 30 14:21:09 EDT 2005

Question 1-has there been a kit of the Sablatnig floatplane? I always thought it was a pretty a/c, and a darn shame it's never been done-except for a beauty that Marty O'Connor did a million years ago, from scratch. Now, THERE was a model builder. He carved his fuselage out of wood, and hollowed it out to almost vacuform thinness.
Question 2-does anyone have a Renwall Aeroskin DH 2 kit, unbuilt, that he/she might want to sell? I've got a build method I'd like to try on it. I actually liked most of those kits. If their printing was a little more sharp and the metal/ply areas were detailed as in a normal kit, so one could paint them, they might have had a better product.-john Marganski

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