[WWI] Albatros D.II and Pfalz Dr.1 color scheme

Warren Dickinson wed317 at onlineky.com
Sat Jul 30 11:43:35 EDT 2005

    You have been well advised regarding the Pfalz tripe, since there
were only ten you don't get much to play with except "what-if" schemes.
   Insofar as D.II's are concerned, you don't get much there either.  I
happen to be a fan of D.I's and D.II's, and I just picked up DF #100 at
the Nats to go with my original Albatros D.II DF.  These a/c were
deployed to the front before the practice of painting the colorful Jasta
schemes.  (Which, IIRC, did not start until 1917, no?)
   If you could back-date the kit to a D.I you could do the a/c of Prinz
Friedrich Karl of Prussia, which was supposedly light green all over
with the (Hussar's?) skull on the side.
   BTW, wasn't there a list discussion on this a/c when Roden came out
with the kit?  Any conclusions on that green?


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