[WWI] Albatros D.II and Pfalz Dr.1 color scheme

Eduard Werner edi.werner at gmx.de
Sat Jul 30 08:15:21 EDT 2005


it might be very possible that I will build an Albatros D.II (yes, I know, it 
has only two wings, that's why it's a D.*II*, isn't it :-) and  a Pfalz Dr.1 
very soon. Now I am looking for nice color schemes. Is there anything out of 
the ordinary out there? I thought Boelcke's men would have painted their 
machines in an interesting manner, similar to the D.IIIs or D.Vas. Or maybe 
there are some interesting non-german color schemes? (I have an unbuilt D.III 
with Polish markings, but no D.II. I did find a D.II with Turkish markings, 
but I don't find them appealing.)

Even sadder look those Pfalz Dr.1 to me. Hasn't anybody painted theirs similar 
to Osterkamp's E.V. Only silvergrey? Would make an easy paint job, sure...



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