[WWI] Breguet LE

Brad & Merville bigglesrfc at sympatico.ca
Fri Jul 29 17:33:54 EDT 2005

Hi Graham

 The Reference Source Guide to Military Aeroplanes 1914-1918 by B.E. Ketley 
shows three references for the LE none of which I possess unforunately, or 
I'd help you out a little further.

Air Enthusiast  Vol. 7  No. 3
Fighters WW1  by J.M. Bruce  Vol. 4
WW1 Aero  No. 121

Brad in Brooklin near Toronto.

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> Anyone know of any references for the Breguet LE fighter of 1918?
> I have a small scale plan for a flying model of this plane and was hoping 
> I
> might find a bit more information ( WWI Aero maybe? )
> cheers, Graham in Embrun near Ottawa Canada.

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