[WWI] Spoked wheels & Karaya

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Fri Jul 29 12:39:29 EDT 2005

     Don't forget TOM'S MODELWORKS has photo-etched spoked wheels in 
various scales.  I believe they can be obtained at Squadron Mail Order (no affiliation).

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> Date: 2005/07/29 Fri PM 12:15:27 EDT
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> Subject: Re: [WWI] Spoked wheels & Karaya
> Karen is right about the problem with Mr Fotocut's domed wheels, however, I believe that the problem is not severe.
> In order for the spoke dome to stick out sufficiently, it should be possible to thin down the wheel half by the amount of the thickness of the 3 PE spokes.
>   It was fun trying to build the wheel as a team - I learnt a few tricks from the Grand Dame in the process.
> regards
> Sanjeev

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