Modeling Funk (was Re: [WWI] Quick hello)

Mike Muth mikemuth at
Thu Jul 28 19:52:47 EDT 2005

Matt is in quite the modeling funk lately.

    I think you got some good suggestions. When I get in a funk...usually 
when I break something or it just seems too hard...I put that kit away for 
awhile and move onto something else. When it just seems to be taking too 
long, I do a 1/72 Texan...real easy to put together and I don't worry too 
much about detailing, etc. Or, jump to 1/32.
    If it is modeling in general, go play some baseball/softball or 
basketball. Coach a kids team in something. I find coaching 
sports...something I stunk at as a a nice break and completely 
different from modeling or law.
Mike Muth 

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