[WWI] If You Went to NATSLANTA You Must Be an Ace!

Steve Cox steve at oldglebe.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Jul 28 16:11:43 EDT 2005

I have a little Guest Map link at the bottom of my homepage. If everyone
placed their pin it would show how far list members are spread around the
It will only take the 100 pins though, so get in early  :-)

  If I didn't spend so much time on line
    ‹‹ I'd get some models finished

on 28/7/05 5:47 am, Karen Rychlewski at krychski at earthlink.net wrote:

> Buz Pezold wrote a very nice thank-you note, just like his Mama taught
> him to and then listed 24 listees that he had met:
>> Buz Pezold esq. (Host extraordinare)
>> Andy Roberts  (New member, Asst. Host)
>> Troy Raines  (Deep lurker, Asst. Host)
>> Karen Rychiewski (Grand Dame, Self-appointed Grand Poobah)
>> Lance Krieg  (1/2 Siamese twin)
>> Tom Morgan  (The other 1/2 Siamese twin)
>> John Huggins  (His Royal Buttoness)  with his lovely wife Pat!
>> Sanjeev Hirve  (His Royal Loudness)
>> Greg Balzer  (Semper Fi Mac)
>> Ken Acosta  (His Royal Tallness)
>> Warren Dickinson  (Johnny Reb)  with his lovely wife Esther and son Houston!
>> Tracy Hancock  (Mr. Civil)
>> Fred Hultberg  (Mr. Fotocut)
>> Ed Ingersoll  (Where'd he go?)
>> Mike Kavanaugh  (BB Stacker)  with his lovely wife Sally!
>> Michael Kendix  (As a matter of fact!)
>> Brian Nicklas  (He came, He saw, He left)
>> Don Ralston  (His Royal Dish Towel)
>> John Ratzenberger  (Did anyone actually see him?)
>> Peter Wagner  (Blew in from the Windy City)
>> Randy Dozier  (Bull dozing)
>> Caz Dalton  (Breaking Away)
>> Jim Wallace  (Deep, deep lurker)
>> Carlos Valdez  (Deep lurker)
> to the roll call should be added:
> Glen Broman (Sir Tread Head)
> Paul Fisher (He found me, at least)
> Bob Norgren (Mr. Sierra Scale)
> and
> Andy Birkbeck (He found me too, or rather, I found him)
> So the grand total of known listees who were spotted by someone or other
> is...hold your breath...28
> This breaks the previous record set at the UK Nats (Scale ModelWorld)
> last November by 5.
> However, the photo documentation of both meetings gives the nod to the
> British event, where19 of us showed up at one time for the photo, while
> the Atlanta photo shoot only caught 17 (three more were added through
> the magic of Photoshop)
> I also met a Frank Landrus who told me he was a listee--can anyone
> confirm this?  And we're still trying to get Andrei Koribanics  (Mr.
> Mike Fritz 2005) back to the fold.
> Karen

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