[WWI] If You Went to NATSLANTA You Must Be an Ace!

John Huggins huggins1 at swbell.net
Thu Jul 28 07:34:47 EDT 2005

Frank is a lurker.  He lives here in Dallas and I see him at least  
once a month.  He always knows about list happenings, he just doesn't  
post that often.
I am not sure of his subscription status.
On Jul 27, 2005, at 11:47 PM, Karen Rychlewski wrote:

> Buz Pezold wrote a very nice thank-you note, just like his Mama  
> taught him to and then listed 24 listees that he had met:
>> Buz Pezold esq. (Host extraordinare)
>> Andy Roberts  (New member, Asst. Host)
>> Troy Raines  (Deep lurker, Asst. Host)
>> Karen Rychiewski (Grand Dame, Self-appointed Grand Poobah)
>> Lance Krieg  (1/2 Siamese twin)
>> Tom Morgan  (The other 1/2 Siamese twin)
>> John Huggins  (His Royal Buttoness)  with his lovely wife Pat!
>> Sanjeev Hirve  (His Royal Loudness)
>> Greg Balzer  (Semper Fi Mac)
>> Ken Acosta  (His Royal Tallness)
>> Warren Dickinson  (Johnny Reb)  with his lovely wife Esther and  
>> son Houston!
>> Tracy Hancock  (Mr. Civil)
>> Fred Hultberg  (Mr. Fotocut)
>> Ed Ingersoll  (Where'd he go?)
>> Mike Kavanaugh  (BB Stacker)  with his lovely wife Sally!
>> Michael Kendix  (As a matter of fact!)
>> Brian Nicklas  (He came, He saw, He left)
>> Don Ralston  (His Royal Dish Towel)
>> John Ratzenberger  (Did anyone actually see him?)
>> Peter Wagner  (Blew in from the Windy City)
>> Randy Dozier  (Bull dozing)
>> Caz Dalton  (Breaking Away)
>> Jim Wallace  (Deep, deep lurker)
>> Carlos Valdez  (Deep lurker)
> to the roll call should be added:
> Glen Broman (Sir Tread Head)
> Paul Fisher (He found me, at least)
> Bob Norgren (Mr. Sierra Scale)
> and
> Andy Birkbeck (He found me too, or rather, I found him)
> So the grand total of known listees who were spotted by someone or  
> other is...hold your breath...28
> This breaks the previous record set at the UK Nats (Scale  
> ModelWorld) last November by 5.
> However, the photo documentation of both meetings gives the nod to  
> the British event, where19 of us showed up at one time for the  
> photo, while the Atlanta photo shoot only caught 17 (three more  
> were added through the magic of Photoshop)
> I also met a Frank Landrus who told me he was a listee--can anyone  
> confirm this?  And we're still trying to get Andrei Koribanics   
> (Mr. Mike Fritz 2005) back to the fold.
> Karen

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