[WWI] Added:Sopwith Triplane and more!

Eduard Werner edi.werner at gmx.de
Thu Jul 28 08:33:26 EDT 2005

Jim, Eric,

thanks for the kind words. I guess indeed that it doesn't take me more time to 
build them than it takes for some of you to build a model in 1/72 and yes, my 
models fly, but I could never go to the pains you take in detailing. 

I merely like to prove a different point so when someone says with scorn in 
their voice "Oh, look how terrible it looks, no wonder it didn't fly properly 
and was abandoned!" (you can read it rather often) so I can say "Not at all! 
Look how marvellous it looks in the air and it's a nice flyer, too!" The 
proof of an airplane concept is always in the flying, but it's easy to forget 
that lots of interesting airplanes have been rejected in spite of being good 
flyers - sometimes even because they were a wee bit too interesting.  

Even in my modelling club an experienced pilot (and much better than me) said 
a few weeks ago that a Fokker Dr.1 is a terrible and nasty beast to fly. 
Having seen my Dr.1 in the air he came to me and said: "Yours, actually, 
looks very nice and is obviously an excellent flyer." That's the moments that 
just make my day :-)  



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