[WWI] If You Went to NATSLANTA You Must Be an Ace!

Buz Pezold pezo8481 at bellsouth.net
Wed Jul 27 21:35:24 EDT 2005

Greetings and salutations, everyone!

     Well I have put off doing this long enough.  On behalf of Andy Roberts,
Troy Raines and myself, I want to thank the list members that were able to
attend IPMS/USA 2005 Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia last week.  You all were
instrumental in making this years 'NATS' the biggest and best ever.  Not to
mention your enthusiasm on bringing models for display at the 'List Table'
made for a very successful rendezvous point for us mailing list members to
meet face to face for the first time.  It was pleasure for us to meet you
and talk about the subject that brought all together.
     As I said above if you were in Atlanta, you are an Ace.  How do you
spell Ace anyway?  Just kidding, but here are the list members that I saw:
Buz Pezold esq. (Host extraordinare)
Andy Roberts  (New member, Asst. Host)
Troy Raines  (Deep lurker, Asst. Host)
Karen Rychiewski (Grand Dame, Self-appointed Grand Poobah)
Lance Krieg  (1/2 Siamese twin)
Tom Morgan  (The other 1/2 Siamese twin)
John Huggins  (His Royal Buttoness)  with his lovely wife Pat!
Sanjeev Hirve  (His Royal Loudness)
Greg Balzer  (Semper Fi Mac)
Ken Acosta  (His Royal Tallness)
Warren Dickinson  (Johnny Reb)  with his lovely wife Esther and son Houston!
Tracy Hancock  (Mr. Civil)
Fred Hultberg  (Mr. Fotocut)
Ed Ingersoll  (Where'd he go?)
Mike Kavanaugh  (BB Stacker)  with his lovely wife Sally!
Michael Kendix  (As a matter of fact!)
Brian Nicklas  (He came, He saw, He left)
Don Ralston  (His Royal Dish Towel)
John Ratzenberger  (Did anyone actually see him?)
Peter Wagner  (Blew in from the Windy City)
Randy Dozier  (Bull dozing)
Caz Dalton  (Breaking Away)
Jim Wallace  (Deep, deep lurker)
Carlos Valdez  (Deep lurker)
Andrei Koribanics  (Mr. Mike Fritz 2005)

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