[WWI] Update of my site

Eric Gallaud egallaud at club-internet.fr
Wed Jul 27 00:00:43 EDT 2005

Thank you Steven.
I use sticks of pastel chalk that I made into powder with an old cutter. 
After that, I use a fine brush with short "hairs" and apply the powder 
between the ribs with little pressure until to have the desired effect. 
Then I breathe out the remaining powder.
An option is to use Q-tip instead of brush, it is convenient for larger 
distance between the ribs.

LMK if I am not clear enough

Steven Perry a écrit :

>>I just updated my site
>>Slow process at the moment
>Beautiful work Eric.
>Can you explain more on how you used the pastel chalk to shade the CDl
>fabric between the ribs?

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