Modeling Funk (was Re: [WWI] Quick hello)

Steve Cox steve at
Tue Jul 26 17:16:02 EDT 2005

on 26/7/05 2:36 am, Matt Bittner at matt.bittner at wrote:

> On Mon, 25 Jul 2005 22:57:23 +0200, NEIL CRAWFORD wrote:
>> I'm re-doing the side panels for the Nieuport 6, the first set didn't fit
>> well enough.
> I'm in quite the modeling funk lately.  I tried to prime a
> close-to-on-topic model, but sprayed too close and it came out
> too thick.  While stripping the primer I broke off one of the
> lower wings.  I was ready to just chuck the whole hobby!!
> How do people get out of their funks?  I've tried the "quick
> kit", and lost one of its wheels.  Plus the paint rubbed off in a
> few places - one I'll have to completely respray.
> I'm sure people will think I'm just whining, but right now I
> don't feel like ever picking up a model again.
> Argh!
> Matt Bittner
Well don't. Pack up all the modelling kit and take up a proper hobby like

  If I didn't spend so much time on line
    ‹‹ I'd get some models finished

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