Modeling Funk (was Re: [WWI] Quick hello)

Nigel Rayner nigel at
Tue Jul 26 15:11:06 EDT 2005

Matt wrote:

>How do people get out of their funks? 

Do something compeletely different that's quick and easy. For me I do
some figure painting. I have this mega ongoing 1/144 scale Zeppelin
build so I've been painting one or two figures as a diversion (and also
to get something finished). I chose a high quality Metal Modeles 54mm
figure which had about five parts, simple uniform. Took about 30 minutes
to make, then I painted it just using acrylics, with washes and dry
brushing, no oils, no complex shading. Looks just as good as my figures
painted with oils and was done in about three sessions. Great fun. So
why not get a WWI pilot figure, even in 1/48 - I picked up the Hecker &
Goros French pilot and officer at the weekend, absolutely no parts and
beautiful figures. You could do 1/48 without doing a plane! How about
1/72 - get a box of the Zvezda Napoleonic Russian Cuirassiers and do a
cavalry charge. They are beautiful figures with no flash and dirt cheap.
And you get to practice doing groundwork with the base! I'm currently
painting their Samurai cavalry and infantry with my son, and there's
another way to break the funk - do some modelling with a kid. They don't
do AMS, they don't worry about less than perfect paint finishes, they
just want to have fun.

There, I can do no more. Therapy session over!

Just have some fun,

Nigel R


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