Modeling Funk (was Re: [WWI] Quick hello)

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at
Tue Jul 26 07:52:44 EDT 2005

> How do people get out of their funks?

For starters, leave the afro hairdo and the platform shoes. Funky Town isn't 
on the top 10 anymore, Toto...

> I've tried the "quick
> kit", and lost one of its wheels.  Plus the paint rubbed off in a
> few places - one I'll have to completely respray.

Which is why it's not a quick kit anymore. Let it cool off for a while.

> I'm sure people will think I'm just whining, but right now I
> don't feel like ever picking up a model again.

Not to worry, maybe you just need a rest. That's why it's a hobby, you are 
not forced to do it as you should work for a living.
Relax. It's summer there. Go to swim, climb some trees, ride your bike and 
collect bugs in a glass jar. Soon you'll feel the old urge to glue plastic 

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