[WWI] Home again

Karen Rychlewski krychski at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 25 23:44:52 EDT 2005

Howdy guys!

Seems like I'm one of the last to check in. Glanced through the digests 
and noted that kudos were applied to the appropriate listees--except for 
my CGV Armored Car in Russian guise, circa 1910, which came home with a 
2nd place award. It didn't fly, but it's more or less OT.

This was one of the busiest Nats I've been to so far. Many thanks to Buz 
Pezold for setting up the list table display: it was a great place to 
meet other listees and other interested folk. Sanjeev and I 
'volunteered' to assemble a revised version of Fotocut's wire wheels, 
and the hour or so we spent fiddling with it attracted quite a crowd. I 
sincerely hope IPMS continues to build the display segment of the Nats, 
and also that we can continue to host a list display.

The semi-unofficial list dinner happened on Thursday night--at least 
that's when we had the largest number of listees chowing down at the 
same table: the Old Mill Steakhouse will never be the same. The 
last-minute arranged pool party (that's water pool, not the eight-ball 
type) was a bust--nobody got wet except for Atlanta-induced sweat and a 
small bunch of listees sat around our suite in the air conditioning.

The greatest part, as usual, was meeting more of our listees in the 
flesh--what a diverse crowd we are, eh? Really didn't have time to talk 
with everyone as I would have liked though. Also, from a personal 
standpoint, I was thrilled to see and talk to Andrei Koribanics again; 
he and I go way back to my previous modeling life in the late 80's when 
we would go head to head at the Rosemont Hobby shows--he usually beat me 
out. I'm not sure if he's signed up on the list now, but take a look at 
his gallery for some exquisite 1/72 models. His receiving the Fritz 
award for best WWI airplane was well-deserved.

I'll be sending photos to Sanjeev of listees, OT vendors, and most, if 
not all, of the OT stuff without wings--give me a day to recover from 
the trip back


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