[WWI] HobbyTown USA Blues

Ed Ingersoll ingersollle at gru.net
Mon Jul 25 10:09:15 EDT 2005

Why don't you talk to Walmart about sub-contracting space for a hobby store 
like HobbyTown.  It sure would improve the walk-in traffic and cut down on 
A shop could make a go at it under those conditions.
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> Rick, you have my sympathies. It's almost worth moving to have supplies
> close at hand in case you run out of something or have a spill. That is
> really frustrating when you have the time to build and are into a project
> ..
>      Dennis Ugulano teaches a class at a Hobbytown, so maybe he would be
> interested in the G.C.
>      It's a shame to see a hobbyshop go out of business . I guess kids
> are more interested in 2d pastimes these days, and there aren't enough of
> us 3d modelers to keep things going.
>      Also, it's pretty disgusting to see shelves filled with car models
> with pre-painted bodies or airplane "kits" where it takes less than a
> minute to snap on the wing, and it's done. Hands should be challenged to
> do more than type and click.
>                                                                 Rant
> over,        J.R. Boye

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