[WWI] TR: Update of my site

Eric Gallaud egallaud at club-internet.fr
Sun Jul 24 23:46:00 EDT 2005

Very interesting pictures. The Hanriot ones should be useful once Eduard 
will release their HD1 ..... may be one day.
The Whippet and Maybach pictures are also great.

Thank you for sharing

Spriesterbach Ph. a écrit :

>Hello mate, 
>After a long hiatus, due mainly to professional and familial reasons, I come
>back again. 
>Saturday, I updated my site with: 33 pictures of the MRA Whippet Mk.I., 29
>pictures of the Hanriot HD1 and 9 pictures of a Maybach 240 HP.
>Hope this will be of little help, if you have to built one of these models. 
>Best regards from Belgium 

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