[WWI] Back from Hot-Lanta

Warren Dickinson wed317 at onlineky.com
Sun Jul 24 20:25:49 EDT 2005

        Just got back in from the Nats.  I have no idea who won what
because I didn't go to the banquet.  However, to say it was a very
impressive collection of OT work from list members would be an
understatement.  Sanjeev's Russian tripe was most impressive, most
impressive indeed.
    Of course, the most fun was in meeting fellow list members, and I
have yet to sit down and list all that I met.
   SWMBO says I should try and enter something.  I'm actually
considering going to KC next year.
   I got to talk with Vladimir Sulc of Eduard; he showed me the new wing
for the upcoming 1/48th Fokker D.VIII and the lower wing for the 1/72nd
early SPAD XIII. Nice! I do happen to know from prior conversations with
him that there are some other, great OT surprises in store for us next
year.  :)  Eduard had a sale on for buy one get the other at half price.
I came home with some Eduard kits, but left the 1/48th Fokker D.VII
alone.  Got the Japo book on the Aviatik, wish the dealer had had the
Albatros book in stock.  Byrd Aviation books got a goodly piece of my
wallet too for some Datafiles.

Hot & Tired,


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