[WWI] Nats pic - whose is this?

ot811 ot811 at msbx.net
Sun Jul 24 19:00:55 EDT 2005

HI all,
   Just back home from a great time at the Nats. 
The staff and volunteers were very helpful and friendly - I want to go back there again !
Buz Pezold did a great job of arranging the WWI-models display table.  Quite a few list members generously contributed with their models.

 Karen and I will be putting up a comprehensive list of OT models at the show - of which there were quite a few.
The Show itself was a great success - more than 3200 entries plus another 700 display-only models in the contest hall.

By the way, the Fokker Triplane is by Ed Boll.
Heres some of the results of wins by LIstees:
Andrei Koribanics (one time Listee) Got the Michael Fritz Award for his Lohner (somebody cited  a link in a recent post).  He also got 3rd place in 1:48 category
Michael Kendix got Out-of-box award for his Junkers J1 in the 1:72 category
Tony Bell (indirect listee) got 3rd place for his Alb D.III in 1:48 category
Buz Pezold got 2nd place (?) for  his Halberstadt C.XV (?) in the Vacform category
I am sure there was atleast one more win by one of the listee's 
Yours truly entered the Bezobrazov Triplane in the 48 scale scratch category - and being the only entry, er, well, got 1st place

I am sure I missed some more.
Beyond that :
2nd place in 72 scale went to a Sopwith baby
1st place in 48 scale went to a Taube
OOB in 48 scale went to a red-blue Fokker DVII.

On Sat, 23 Jul 2005 11:08:41 -0500, Matt Bittner wrote:
> I have no idea, but I wish the owner of the site did these pages in
> a better fashion.  Clicking on every link is a huge PITA.
> Matt
> On Sat, 23 Jul 2005 18:46:42 +1000, Shane Weier wrote:
>> Hi all
>> http://helmsman.nm.ru/Nats/CRW_3057.jpg
>> http://helmsman.nm.ru/Nats/CRW_3058.jpg
>> Builder and what kit? Is it a listee maybe?
>> Shane
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