[WWI] Squadron White Putty

Chris Savaglio csavaglio at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 21 22:11:02 EDT 2005

Try using the green stuff.  It's a bit smoother and seems to last better.  I 
had the same problem as well with the white stuff, but I've had a tube of 
the green for at least 6 months, and it's as good as the day I opened it.

A good way to thin either putty, though, is with nail polish remover.  Don't 
use the acetone free stuff or it won't work.  It also won't craze the 
plastic like laquer thinner or MEK unless you really go crazy with it.

I usually tape the seem on both sides so that only a tiny bit is exposed.  
Then I putty down the seem and take a q-tip wet with the nail polish remover 
and run it down to smooth the putty out and get it into the seem.  It really 
cuts down on sanding, so that you can sand a whole model in 10 or 15 
minutes.  Sometimes I barely have to sand at all.

Too many limited run models in my WWII modeling days, I guess.


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> > I use Squadron Wite putty. I always re-cap it after squeezing some out.
> > After a month or so, I notice the the stuff in the tube is a lot less
> > liquid. ANy tips on how to stop this or remedy it once it starts?
> > Mike Muth
> >
>I've noticed that too. I made a point of tightening the cap real well. All
>it did was split the cap and dry out the whole neck of the tube.

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