[WWI] Squadron White Putty

John Biskupski poltexcw at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 21 21:11:32 EDT 2005

This was a chronic problem. I would usually only get half a tube's worth before it became too stiff to use. If you keep the tube on its side, the solvent tends to rise toward the cap.  Therefore, the material closest to the cap stays thin and that toward the bottom gets thick.  If, however, you store the tube standing on the cap, the solvent rises toward the "bottom" in storage, and toward the "top" (cap) when in use.
 That is, it stays nicely mixed, and usually lasts until the end without getting too stiff.

Mike Muth <mikemuth at ptd.net> wrote:
I use Squadron Wite putty. I always re-cap it after squeezing some out. 
After a month or so, I notice the the stuff in the tube is a lot less 
liquid. ANy tips on how to stop this or remedy it once it starts?
Mike Muth 

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